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Machu Picchu Travel Tips

Machu Picchu, located in the high forest, its climate is tropical where the rain falls without warning and the sun comes up or goes.

We recommend:

1) Carry, rain poncho, hat, sunglasses, mountain shoes, warm clothing (pass back to Cusco 3350msnsm).
2) Machu Picchu is the endemic area, it must have the respective vaccines.
3) If you are visiting Machu Picchu by the Inca trail, then you should take (repellent, sunscreen, wear high mountain, pills or altitude sickness altitude sickness)

AguasCalientres or Machu Picchu village is small mostly with construction services to tourists, no cars or motorcycles or the like, only the train and bus ecological moves.

Most prominent services:
– Luxury Hotels category, Superior, and Standard.
– A variety of the hostel with a variety of prices and services.
– Variety of restaurants, very good, good, fair and poor (be careful where you go as some places refrigerate their products for long) Recommended Restaurant Indio Feliz and Chezz Maggy
– Internet booths and cafes (the telephone connection internet is deficient in Aguascalientes)
– Banks and money exchange (bring soles from Cusco, the exchange rate in A / C is very low)
– Central Market, food, food and drink.
– Health centers and pharmacies.

How to get :
– Every day on the Inca Trail.
– By the railroad with trains IncaRail and PeruRail
– By car to hydroelectrica and two hours away.

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